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  • 3Pcs SS Wine Bottle Stopper

    3Pcs Stainless Steel Wine Bottle Stopper

    Our wine corks are full of modern and minimalist style, with stainless steel spherical design, delicate and chic, elegant and beautiful, with food-grade silicone for strong sealing. The dome cap on the stopper is detachable, and you can DIY your own style to add a touch of elegance to it if you like.

  • Aichoice Brix Refractometer

    Aichose Brix Refractometer

    • It’s designed for testing the sugar content and specific gravity of a liquid.
    • Ideal for Home Brew, Winemaking, Agricultural, Gardening & Educational Purposes.
    • Consistently accurate readings of 0-32% Brix and 1.000-1.120 Specific Gravity.
    • Automatic Temperature Compensation makes it even easier to get fast results.
    • Durable and Easy to Use & Carry — The main part is made of chromium; it’s light but durable.
  • Brewer's Elite Hydrometer

    Brewer’s Elite Hydrometer

    • Brewer’s Elite Hydrometer – Premium Set – Handy Storage Case and FREE Microfiber cleaning cloth. Please note: NO TEST JAR INCLUDED. See our other Brewer’s Elite combo if you require a full set.
    • Easily calculate Alcohol % (ABV) – Graduated color bands help you know when your brew is ready, and our Crystal clear fonts are so easy to read.
    • Create the perfect brew – with this durable all-glass alcohol meter, make great beers, wines, ciders, and Kombucha at home – The perfect tool to test when your sample liquid has finished the fermentation process.
    • Triplescale – Specific Gravity (0.99 – 1.16), Potential Alcohol (0%-20%), Brix/Balling (0-35) – Check alcohol density with ease!
    • 100% Money back guarantee – if you are not COMPLETELY satisfied, we will give you your money back.
  • Franmara Wine Tasting Personal Spittoon

    Franmara Wine Tasting Personal Spittoon

    This handy receptacle is indispensable for wine tasters who want to sip and taste but do not consume the wine.

    Easily removable top with a friction fit.

    Polished stainless outside, funnel, and inside brushed.

    30 oz. rimfull capacity Stands 4-7/8″ H, 4-1/8″ diameter

  • Master Sommelier Wine Aroma Kit

    Master Sommelier Wine Aroma Kit – 88 Aromas

    • The Master Wine Aroma Kit is a wine tasting educational tool designed by Sommeliers as a library of wine scents. World’s most complete wine aroma collection, which combines 88 aromas found in sparkling, white, red and sweet wines produced around the world. Awaken your sense of smell and your tasting skills with this aroma recognition training tool. Perfect gifts for wine lovers or for those who wish to sharpen their tasting skills.
    • LIST OF WINE AROMAS INCLUDED: 1.lemon, 2.lime, 3.grapefruit, 4.gooseberry, 5.pear,, apple, 8.peach, 9.melon, 10.guava, 11.pineapple, 12.passion fruit, 13.lychee, 14.dry apricot, peel, 16.banana, 17.raspberry, 18.blackcurrant, 19.strawberry, 20.blackberry, 21.cherry, 22.plum, 23.prune, 24.honeysuckle, 25.hawthorn, blossom, 27.linden, 28.jasmine, 29.acacia, 30.rose, 31.lavender, 32.violet, 33.capsicum, 34.fennel, 35.tomato,
    • 36.cut grass, 37.dill, 38.thyme, 39.fern,, 41.hay, tea, 43.tobacco, 44.blackcurrant leaf, 45.bay leaf, 46.eucalyptus, 47.iodine, 48.flint, 49.kerosene, 50.bread, 51.butter, 52.caramel, 53.chocolate, 54.toast,, 56.bacon, 57.smoke, 58.tar, 59.vanilla, 60.pepper, 61.cinnamon, 62.liquorice, 63.nutmeg, 64.clove, 65.coconut, 66.hazelnut, 67. almond, 68.oak, 69.sandalwood, 70.cedar, 71.pine, 72.quince jelly, 73.honey, sauce, 75.leather, 76.gravy,
    • 77.mushroom, 78.truffle, 79.tree moss, 80.corked, 81.sherry, 82.madeira, 83.vinegar, 84.nail polish remover, 85.rubber, 86.onion, 87.sweet corn, sweat
  • Plastic Cased Alltemp Select Infrared Wine Thermometer with Clip

    Plastic Cased Alltemp Select Infrared Wine Thermometer with Clip

    • Perfect gift for those that love Thermometer
    • Great craftmanship.
    • Measurement: H: 3.37 x W: 0.75

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