Stake Wireless Bluetooth Thermometer

  • MONITOR PROGRESS: with our app on your iOS or Android phone or tablet. MONITOR UP TO 8 PROBES
  • NO BATTERIES: SUPER CAPACITOR – safely stores energy in high heat conditions
  • PRE-SETS: for all kinds of cuts of meat
  • FAST USB CHARGING: 2 minutes to charge and lasts 4 hours
  • TEMPERATURE RANGE: 32°F to 212°F (0°C to 100°C) SIZE: 2.37×1.18×6.87 (inches)

The STAKE Truly Wireless Intelligent Food Thermometer gives home chefs real-time status inside the meat to avoid undercooked or overcooked disasters and ensure the perfect result every time. You can use one or multiple STAKE™, depending on your cooking needs and the size of your dish. Connect to the STAKE™ APP via Bluetooth, meaning you can stay at your party table even when your steak is barbequing in your backyard. Details and the “this moment” status of the meat can be read from your phone, giving you the best result at the tip of your fingers. STAKE™ is small and can operate for up to 4 hours with just 2 minutes of ultra-fast charging.